Hello! My name is E. M. Epps (please call me Emma). I write fantasy and science fiction that is 100% guaranteed not to contain vampires, werewolves, were-anythings, dwarves, evil stepmothers, teenage love triangles, Chosen Ones, epic battles between Good and Evil, or multi-book story arcs for which you will have to wait years to find out the ending. Those can all be wonderful (well, except for the unfinished series thing); they're just not what I do. So what's left, you ask? Spaceships and sorcerers! Though not at the same time.... So far.

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Mrs. Fromish’s Guests

Tired of reading fantasy in which the main character is sixteen? Mrs. Elizabeth Fromish is the heroine for you! You’d think that by age seventy-mumble, even a witch should be able to retire and weed […]


The Interpreter’s Tale: A Word With Too Many Meanings

As a linguist and military interpreter, Eliadmaru Faraa has always been a supporting character in other people’s stories. And so far, that’s been just fine with him: it’s words he loves, not swordplay or affairs […]


The Portrait of Geraldine Germaine

It’s almost the turn of the century in Paris, and Géraldine Germaine is an independent woman. She rides a bicycle, scoffs at the ridiculous fashions in hats, and makes a living (barely) by writing a […]


You Made My Heart a Hunter

She has the power to change the course of a river with a few lines of song, but she couldn’t save her own husband from his fate. Lhennuen Damaiud, sorceress and priestess, leaves her temple […]


To Hell and Back Again…With a Little White Dog

Geoffrey Keyes has hired magicians Morris and Cathleen Madison to rescue his impetuous stepdaughter Anastasia after her foolhardy trip to Hell goes (rather unsurprisingly) wrong. But there are so many things he doesn’t understand. Why […]

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What Readers are Saying

I LOVED it. It was a captivating tale. The book could almost have been a resource shedding light on being an interpreter, but throw in sorcerers, magicians, heartbreak, and a royal court and you’ve got the makings of an epic adventure. The book was excellently written from the aspects of fantasy portrayed as real as if it all happened in our own history to the language jargon and occupational terminology (which I thoroughly enjoyed). It was clearly well-researched and the author masterfully wove in fact and fiction to bring a non-stop read. The action was brilliant, the sex tasteful, and the pace well done.

K. L. Dimago, author

about "The Interpreter's Tale"

Il est adorable! This romantic gem of a novelette will please lovers of Amelie and Chocolat. As vibrant as a freshly cut rose!

Celeste Bradley, New York Times bestselling author

about "The Portrait of Geraldine Germaine"

A tale well told: an engrossing and unusual spin on the “court intrigue” school of fantasy, enlivened by sharp dialogue, believable characters, and storylines that reward your close attention. Even if fantasy lit is not your thing, the storytelling skill on display here transcends the genre conventions and the writing is beautiful. Not to be missed.

Rob Salkowitz, author

about "The Interpreter's Tale"

This is a book I will read again. Some morning, when perhaps it is dark, or I just want to feel a bit of magic in my life, I will pick this little book up and read it again. Any author who can create a new world and cause me to want to live and breathe within it, is worthy of my admiration and time. E.M. Epps has done this for me in this wonderful book.

Tracy Haroldsen, Amazon reviewer

about "You Made My Heart a Hunter"

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