The Interpreter’s Tale: A Word With Too Many Meanings

As a linguist and military interpreter, Eliadmaru Faraa has always been a supporting character in other people’s stories. And so far, that’s been just fine with him: it’s words he loves, not swordplay or affairs of state.

Now he’s been asked for help by the Emperor’s nephew. Together, along with an irritating ambassador and a sorceress with a secret and a high sex drive, they aim to save an ailing princess and stop the trade of weapons to the border war.

Which is more difficult—not disgracing himself during a touchy negotiation, winning back his boyhood sweetheart, or translating his lovelorn teenage boss’s amateur poetry?

He’ll soon find out….

The Interpreter’s Tale is the only fantasy novel ever told from the perspective of a diplomatic interpreter: a role both ubiquitous and vital in the real world, but thoroughly neglected in both realistic and speculative fiction—until now.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a polyglot, The Interpreter’s Tale will introduce you to a fantastical world of intrigue, trouble and tongue-play. If you are a polyglot, you can commiserate with Eliadmaru constantly being the only one in the room who can understand what everyone else is saying. Extremely fun read!
—David J. Peterson, creator of the Dothraki language for HBO’s Game of Thrones and author of Living Language Dothraki

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